Kids Learn Valuable Lessons at Safety Camp

For One Group It Wasn’t a Drill

One group of the 450 children from Kids, Inc. who attended the Sioux Empire Safety Village’s Safety Camp last month had to put what it learned into immediate practice.  While learning about fire, home, water, animal and public safety, tornado sirens blasted a warning of danger.  The children were evacuated to a shelter until the all clear.

Coralee’s thank you letter sums up that stormy day.  She drew pictures of an ambulance, fire truck, police car and Red Cross vehicle which were all at the camp.  She wrote, “You taught us all of those things.  But the most important thing is you kept us safe from the bad storm.”

At the camps the children rotated to several different stations, they learned about calling 9-1-1 from Metro 9-1-1; how to do C.P.R. and saw a fire truck up close thanks to Sioux Falls Fire Rescue; and were able to sit in a Sioux Falls police car.  They learned about approaching animals from Mini Critters; water safety from Snowfox Swim Team; and what all happens in an ambulance from Rural Metro.  They toured the Sanford helicopter; the Safety Village’s Power of Fire; and Safety Village’s Safe House.

Sioux Empire Safety Village plans to do more Safety Camps next summer.

Thank you letter