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Safety Village of South Dakota

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Safety Information




Boating Safety Fact:

During a Center for Disease Control Survey, it is reported that 1/3 of American adults were unable to swim at least one pool length or 24 yards.

Simple Ideas That Will Keep You and Others Safe

Injuries happen to nonswimmers and strong swimmers alike. Protect yourself and those you are with by wearing life vests and safely using your watercraft. This will greatly increase the enjoyment of your water activities.


What to do if Gasoline Spills into the Bilge

  • Do NOT operate the bilge exhaust blower. It can’t remove liquid and could make matters worse by creating a more explosive gas/air mixture.
  • Evacuate anyone near the boat.
  • Shut off the master battery. Make sure switch is OFF so that no electrical equipment can start automatically.
  • Notify the marina management. If a professional manager is not available to take control of the situation, notify the Fire Department.
  • Open all doors and hatches to encourage evaporation.
  • Disable bilge pump if possible. The automatic bilge pump bypasses the battery switch. The pump should be disabled IF IT CAN BE DONE SAFELY. You can disable the pump by placing a weight on the float switch, or by raising the pump above the fluid level.
  • Report spilled fuel. If fuel is pumped or lost overboard, it must be reported to the National Pollution Response Center, 1-800-424-8802. Failure to report a spill will subject the owners to penalties. Arrange for a mechanic or salvage contractor to remove the fuel.