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Fall PreventionFall Prevention



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Prevent Falls From Happening

According to the Center for Disease Control, Unintentional Falls are the number one cause for accidental injury in the United States. For children under 10, the injury rates are significantly higher and could have been prevented with proper supervision and safety equipment.

Play areas and parks can be fun–be polite, share equipment and play safe!

  • Always ask permission and let your parents know where you are playing.
  • Play in groups.
  • Don’t play in the streets.
  • Don’t chase a ball or toy into the street.
  • If playing in a park, follow park rules.
  • Watch for broken glass, sharp objects and broken equipment.
  • Pick up your trash and put it in the garbagecan. Don’t leave litter or destroy property.
  • If a stranger approaches you, tell a trusted adult.
(Lawton PD, http://www.lawtonpd.com/kids/kpplayar.htm)