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Safety Village of South Dakota

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Safety Information

Fire & BurnFire & Burn




Alternative Heater Safety Tips

The following is a link to the US Fire Administration’s tip page concerning alternative heating sources. http://www.usfa.dhs.gov/citizens/focus/

Fire Tip

Burn related injuries were the 3rd highest accident for children 1 year old or younger in 2000 according to the CDC.

Stop, Drop & Roll

  • If your clothes catch on fire, “Stop, Drop & Roll”
  • If your friend’s clothes catch on fire, don’t let him or her run — yell, “Stop, Drop & Roll!”
  • Once they are down and rolling, you can use a rug, blanket, towel, or other heavy cloth to help put out the flames on their clothes
  • Get adult help or call 9-1-1.
  • Don’t hang up until you are told to do so; listen for instructions.

(Lawton PD Fire Safety, http://www.lawtonpd.com/kids/kponfire.html)