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Over 12,000 people died in 2012 due to alcohol related crashes, that’s 36% of all fatalities.  Each day, more than 15 people are killed and more than 1,200 are injured in crashes that were reported to involve a distracted driver.  These statistics have officials looking for solutions to reduce those numbers.  PREVENTION through EDUCATION is the KEY!

The Sioux Empire Safety Village, funded by a grant from the SD Office of Highway Safety, has developed impaired and distracted driving educational curriculum.  This S.A.F.E. EDventures packet features a 4-page Student Guide and an 8-page Teacher Guide on both topics.  They have been created with the Common Core Standards.  All resources and links are available at www.safetyvillage.org/programs.  These guides can be used with or without our Driving Simulator (Simulated Reality) program, however to achieve the maximum benefit of this program, we encourage you to take advantage of both.

We have enhanced our successful driving simulator program where students are able to experience both impaired and distracted driving without the real consequences.  The simulators have the feel of a real car with different settings.  One program shows what it is like to drive drunk.  When you get pulled over, a police officer peers into your window and gives you a field sobriety test.  Another program lets you use your own phone while you text and drive.  Students are able to choose one of the scenarios.

Plus, we have added the following benefits to extend the learning beyond the simulators into the classroom:

1)      Promotional materials—developed for schools to advertise the Simulator experience

2)      Driving Simulator Experience—added incentives for students to complete pre & post                 surveys

3)      Educational materials—Student and Teacher Guides for Impaired and Distracted                       Driving.

The driving simulator program opportunities are listed below:
Time Limits:     Minimum 3 days use-Maximum 2 weeks
Simulators:       We have 3 full size and 3 table-top simulators
Education:         Student and Teacher Guides will be provided for Distracted and Impaired `                                 Driving
Incentives:          Student incentives available for students who complete the surveys
Local Match:       Schools can fund or seek funding from their community

  In-State Schools = Partial match:

     Large: $50 per day, $200 for 1st week (saves $50), $350 for 2 weeks (saves $150)

Table-top: $25 per day, $100 for 1st week (saves $25), $150 for 2 weeks (saves $100)

 Fuel-Surcharge:  Over 100 miles from Sioux Falls, the cost will be a $0.50 per mile

Out-of-State Schools/All Businesses = Full-match:

    Large:   $75 per day, $350 for 1st week (saves $25), $600 for 2 weeks (saves $150)

   Table-top:  $50 per day, $200 for 1st week (saves $50), $400 for 2 weeks (saves $100)

Fuel-Surcharge:  There will be a $1 per mile surcharge.

For more information on distracted and impaired driving or to receive your copies of the Student and Teacher Guides, go to the S.A.F.E. EDventures program on our website or call our office.  If you’d like to book one of the simulators, contact the Sioux Empire Safety Village at www.safetyvillage.org/programs or call (605) 334-7233.