Auto Theft Prevention

July 26, 2022

Auto theft is on the rise so be smart and follow these basic tips for decreasing your chance of becoming a victim of car theft.
-Never leave valuables in plain sight.
If you are unable to take the valuables with you, the best place to secure them is in a locked trunk.
-Always lock your vehicle.
Leaving your car unlocked and leaving your keys in the ignition or in in plain sight is like an invitation for someone to take your vehicle. Always take your keys with you when you leave the vehicle.
-Park in well-lit areas and roll those windows up.
Parking in a well-lit area makes it less likely that someone will try to tamper with or take your vehicle, and it keeps you safer when getting in and out of your vehicle. Rolling up your windows can deter individuals from tampering with the inside of your vehicle.

If your vehicle is stolen the first thing you should do is report it to the police.

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