Fire Prevention Month

October 1, 2018

October is Fire Prevention Month.

There are some causes of home fires that can be prevented.  Being aware of those causes and doing something about them may save those you love.  Here are some items that may contribute to the cause of a fire and suggestions on how to prevent a fire from starting.

Smoke Alarms – Smoke alarms need to be on every level.  If you are not able to afford smoke alarms, contact your local fire department.  Smoke alarms run on batteries that need to be changed at least on an annual basis. Even smoke alarms that are wired into a home’s electricity need to have the batteries replaced.

Electricity – Prevent overloading outlets with extension cords or power strips.  Make sure all power cords are in good condition without exposed wires.  Extension cords should not run under rugs or be exposed to crawling infants.

Cooking – 2 of every 5 home fires start in the kitchen.  Keep stove clear of items that can easily catch on fire.  These may include paper towels, pot holders, clothing or towels.  Stoves should not be used as a heating source in the home.  Be aware of cooking temperatures when using oil and have materials on hand to extinguish grease or oil fires.

Dryers – Inspect and clean dryer vents and lint traps frequently.

Heaters / Furnaces – Areas around heaters and furnaces should be free of clutter.  Don’t store anything around a furnace and keep heaters away from curtains, blankets, furniture or bedding.   Homes with chimney’s need to be inspected and cleaned at lease on an annual basis.  Build up within the chimney can cause a fire.

Candles, Lighters and Matches – Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children.  Educate children on the dangers of these items and have them tell an adult when they see such items.  Lit candles should be placed in an area in view of adults, out of the reach of curious children and other flammable items.

Grills and Cookers – Grills and large oil cookers need to be placed at least ten feet away from decks and homes.  Heat and spattered oil can catch these items on fire.

For more information on fire prevention, visit our Resources page and click on the month of October – Fire Prevention Month.

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