January is Teen Driving Awareness Month

December 3, 2019

South Dakota allows young drivers to “gradually” increase their exposure to driving situations.  The permits are set up in stages to allow that experience to grow.  What do you know about the multi-level stages?


At age 14, teens can apply for an instruction permit in the state of South Dakota. Teens must pass a written driver’s knowledge test and a vision test to receive an instruction permit.  With an instruction permit, teens are limited on when and with whom they may have as a passenger during those times.


At age 14 and 90 days, teens who have satisfactorily completed a state-approved driving test.  A teen with a restricted minor’s permit may drive unsupervised an extended amount of time with permission.


At age 16, a teen may obtain a full operator’s license with full driving privileges and no restrictions.

For additional information on South Dakota’s Teen Drivers visit the South Dakota Department of Public Safety

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