Impaired and Distracted Driving Education

Worst Decision Ever

Learn the Consequences of Impaired and Distracted Driving


The Safety Village of South Dakota has an impaired and distracted drivers education program Worst Decision Ever – presented at the Safety Village of South Dakota or can be delivered on location of event. Participants will experience the consequences of distracted and impaired driving without the reality of harming themselves and others.

The teen driving program Worst Decision Ever – uses impairment and distracted googles with hands on activities to simulate the impairments of alcohol, marijuana, and texting and driving and the consequences of those actions. The goggles create the feeling of loosing control, visual impairment, the loss of balance and motor skills.

If you have a group of teens 14-18 years of age, please contact Safety Village to set up a time to experience the distracted and impaired drivers education.

Call 605-334-7233 or email for more details on programs opportunities.

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